IndieRE 101 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

IndieRE #101 by Radio Študent, Ljubljana

Welcome to the 101st edition of the IndieRE radio show prepared by Radio Študent in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We're starting off with a contemporary folk and etno inspired trio Ingver in Gverilke, that calls for solidarity with the oppressed. We'll be staying in the realm of folk and indie atmospheres with 3:rma, a duo of Urška Supej and Maša But, who will join us in a short conversation. Next we'll listen to new music from the academic jazz musician, composer and saxophonist Boštjan Simon, Fermented Reality is his first solo album. Moving on to more jazz and r'n'b we'll be listening to Magic Pond's music from their second EP Drama at the Lake and talk about their music with the lead vocalist Klara Veteršek. Electronic producer Grega Kalinski or Douchean made some fresh breakbeat, electro, bass, atmospheric dance music packed up in an EP Aphrodisiac. Staying in the lane we'll feature Age of Revolt, a new EP Fake Everything by the producer and DJ Jakob Bekš. And we'll conclude the show with something very special and specific – live coding of music. One of the prominent musicians in this field is Luka Prinčič who performed live coding in November 2023 and has released the recording under the title algoforte05live in January this year.


Featured artists/producers and labels:

Ingver in Gverilke: youtube  | instagram
3:rma: bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Boštjan Simon: bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube
Nature Scene Records (label): bandcamp | facebook | instagram
Magic Pond: bandcamp | youtube | facebook | instagram
Douchean: web | bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook | instagram
De/fragment (label): bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook | instagram
Age of Revolt: bandcamp | instagram
Honest Work Recordings: web | bandcamp | soundcloud | youtube | facebook | instagram
Tehnopolis: bandcamp | soundcloud | facebook | instagram
Luka Prinčič: web | bandcamp | youtube



01 Ingver in Gverilke – Sestra [4:15] (single, self-released, 2023)
02 3:rma – Consensual Longing [6:58] (The Garden of Edna, self-released, 2024)
03 Boštjan Simon – Sustain Release [3:05] (Fermented Reality, Nature Scene Records, 2024)
04 Magic Pond – April Snow [3:35] (Drama at the Lake, self-released, 2023)
05 Douchean – Fly With You [8:27] (Aphrodisiac, De/fragment, 2024)
06 Age of Revolt – Fake Jobs [5:15] (Fake Everything, Tehnopolis, 2024)
07 Luka Prinčič – 0-powerset-2 [4:44] (algoforte05live, self-released, 2024)


Produced by Radio Študent, Slovenia.
Prepared, announced by Jan Kopač and Ula Kranjc Kušlan. Sound mixing by Matej Tolić – Toljo.
Design by Jure Anžiček.